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Samsung Electronics unveils "Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic"

Samsung Electronics will hold 'Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2021: Get ready to unfold' online on the 11th September (Indian time) and introduce the 'Galaxy Watch4' series that redefines the smartwatch experience. disclosed.

The 'Galaxy Watch 4' series consists of two types: the 'Galaxy Watch 4' with a modern and minimal design and the 'Galaxy Watch 4 Classic' with a circular bezel, a unique design feature of the Galaxy Watch.

The integrated platform in collaboration with Google and Samsung's unique user experience, 'One UI Watch', were installed for the first time, and overall hardware performance including processor, display, and memory was strengthened.

In addition, it provides advanced integrated health management functions such as the innovative 'Samsung BioActive sensor' and body composition measurement function.

Roh Tae-moon, president of Samsung Electronics' wireless business division, said, "The demand for the 'Galaxy Watch' series has exploded as the awareness of health care and convenience through wearable devices has increased. ' series is loaded with powerful fitness and wellness functions to enable more in-depth and useful health management.”

  • Significantly strengthen health management functions such as application of innovative sensors and support for body composition measurement

The 'Galaxy Watch 4' series provides a greatly enhanced integrated health management experience from health monitoring to fitness and sleep management.

The 'Samsung Bioactive Sensor', which can measure various health indicators, such as blood pressure, electrocardiogram, and blood oxygen saturation, directly on the wrist with a single sensor, was installed for the first time.

'Samsung Bioactive Sensor' integrates three sensors such as optical heart rate sensor (PPG), electric heart rate sensor (ECG) and bioelectrical impedance analysis sensor (BIA) into one chipset. It has a smaller and more compact design.

In particular, the 'Galaxy Watch 4' series supports the body composition measurement function for the first time in the Galaxy Watch series.

Users can check their skeletal muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, body water and body fat percentage in about 15 seconds by simply placing two fingers on the smartwatch anywhere, and know their body and fitness status. can be achieved

It records your daily physical activity and provides a variety of features to help you stay motivated. In addition to walking and running, you can record and manage various events, and you can compete with your friends and family for the number of steps.

It is also useful for home training while watching the latest Samsung Smart TV. On the TV screen, you can check your heart rate or calories burned by your smart watch right away, and the content that you can enjoy through the expanded content partnership has increased significantly.

The 'Galaxy Watch 4' series also tells you whether your body is fully recovering while you are resting. During sleep, blood oxygen saturation and snoring were also measured to provide sleep scores and insights, enabling a more systematic assessment of sleep quality.

  • Provides a completely new experience with a new integrated platform and 'One UI Watch'

The 'Galaxy Watch 4' series provides a completely new smartwatch experience by applying Samsung's unique user experience 'One UI Watch' and a new wearable integrated platform jointly developed with Google.

'One UI Watch' provides a more consistent experience with the Galaxy ecosystem, including smartphones.

When a user newly installs an app compatible with the Galaxy Watch on the smartphone, it is automatically downloaded to the Galaxy Watch, and changes to the settings of the linked app are immediately reflected in other devices.

For example, if you change the setting of the world clock that displays the time in various regions around the world on your smartphone, it will also be applied to the Galaxy Watch.

It supports 'Auto Switch', so even if you connect the Galaxy Buds to your smartphone and listen to music, when you play music on the 'Galaxy Watch 4', the connection is automatically switched.

You can also check the status of the Galaxy Buds and change settings on the smartwatch. Through the newly added 'Buds Controller', you can change whether to use noise canceling or touch control settings, and also check the battery status.

Smartphone functions can also be controlled through AI platform 'Bixby' voice commands, round bezels, or gestures. For example, it is possible to answer a call by moving the arm wearing the 'Galaxy Watch 4' up and down twice, or to reject a call by turning the wrist twice.

'Galaxy Watch 4' is equipped with a new wearable integrated platform to provide a richer wearable app ecosystem.

You can use several Google apps such as 'Google Maps' and Galaxy apps such as 'SmartThings' and 'Bixby'. In addition, 'Samsung Pay', 'Google Pay', 'Smart Caddy', 'Adidas Running', 'Strava', 'Calm', 'Spotify', etc. It can be downloaded from Google Play.

  • Powerful performance with upgraded processor, display, and memory

The 'Galaxy Watch 4' series provides an unprecedented smooth experience by upgrading all major hardware such as processor, display, and memory.

It is the first in the Galaxy Watch series to be equipped with a 5nm processor. Compared to the previous model, CPU performance has been improved by 20% and RAM by 50%, so it runs smoother even when scrolling the screen or using multiple apps at the same time. GPU performance has also been improved by more than 10 times, so the screen transitions smoothly like water.

In addition, the display resolution has been increased to up to 450 x 450 pixels to provide clearer and more differentiated visual effects, and the internal memory has been increased to 16 GB to store more apps, music, and photo files.

The 'Galaxy Watch 4' series is equipped with a faster processor, a high-resolution display, and a battery that can be used for up to 40 hours on a single charge while providing advanced health management functions. It can be used for up to 10 hours with just 30 minutes of charging.

It is equipped with a mobile security platform 'Knox' to safely protect sensitive personal information of users, such as passwords, health, and payment-related information.

The 'Galaxy Watch 4' series will be released sequentially worldwide from August 27.

The 'Galaxy Watch 4' will be released in LTE and Bluetooth models. The 44mm model is available in black, silver and green colors, and the 40mm model is available in black, silver and pink gold.

The Galaxy Watch 4 starts at $249.99 for the 40mm Bluetooth model and $299.99 for the 40mm LTE model. The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic starts at $349.99 for the 42mm Bluetooth model and $399.99 for the 42mm LTE model

The 'Galaxy Watch 4 Classic' is available in black and silver colors, in 46mm and 42mm models. Available in LTE and Bluetooth models.

Samsung Electronics runs the 'Galaxy Watch 4 First Trial Team' program on the Samsung Electronics website for one day on the 12th. If you purchase a product through the experience group program, you can receive the product from the 17th, before the official launch. A live commerce broadcast will also be held on the Samsung Electronics website for one hour from 0:30 on the 12th.

Meanwhile, Samsung Electronics is also planning to sell a limited edition Thom Browne special edition of the rhodium-plated 'Galaxy Watch 4 Classic' at the end of September.

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