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Samsung Electronics launches new micro SD card with enhanced performance and stability

Samsung Electronics' new micro SD card products 'PRO PLUS' and 'EVO PLUS'

Samsung Electronics has released new micro SD cards with enhanced performance and stability, 'PRO PLUS' and 'EVO PLUS'.

'PRO PLUS' and 'EVO PLUS' have been loved by consumers in the micro SD card market since their launch in 2015, and are mainly used as expandable storage for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and action cams.

This product is expected to satisfy not only general consumers but also creators who produce high-spec content such as 4K UHD video with enhanced performance and strong design design against external shocks.

'PRO Plus' has read and write speeds of up to 160MB/s and 120MB/s, respectively, which are 1.6 times and 1.3 times faster than the previous generation. provides speed.

  • Speed ​​measured by combining 'PRO Plus', 'EVO Plus' micro SD card and Samsung Electronics reader

Both products are equipped with special protection against six types of external shocks, such as waterproof, heat resistance, X-ray, magnetic field, drop, and abrasion, so that the micro SD card can be used stably even in harsh environments.

  • Internal test verifies the thermal protection function at -25°C to 85°C when the memory card is in operation and -40°C to 85°C when not in operation
  • Internal test verifies the wear protection function for up to 10,000 swipes

“As the demand for high-performance storage has exploded, the market demand for memory cards that can use data more smoothly and safely store data has increased,” said Kyu-Young Lee, managing director of Samsung Electronics’ Brand Product Biz Team. We will continue to satisfy the diverse needs of consumers by launching the next-generation micro SD card product line.”

Meanwhile, the 'PRO Plus' micro SD card is available in three capacities: 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB, and the 'EVO Plus' micro SD card is available in four capacities: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB.


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