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Amazon launches "Astro Wheeled Dog Robot" for Home Monitoring, with Alexa

What you need to know

  • Amazon Astro is the company's first home robot and retails for $1,450, with a special introductory price of $999.
  • Subscriptions are available today and the robots are expected to start shipping later this year.
  • Astro uses internal processing and the SLAM algorithm to map and navigate intelligently around your home.
  • Astro can also be used to make video calls thanks to its large front screen.

Amazon Astro home robot

Amazon's event in late September 2021 revealed a number of new devices and services, including a new Blink camera, lots of new Ring hardware, and now a home robot that acts as a security dog. Amazon Astro is the company's first home robot and Amazon hopes it's gentle enough to keep you from getting the heebie-jeebies.

The form factor is fairly similar to the robot mice found in the Star Wars universe, but with a sharper set of wheels, interchangeable storage compartments on the back, and a tilt-and-swivel Amazon Echo screen on the front. Amazon took the time to talk about how many characters they put into the device, and it all starts with the eye.

You'll find a pair of bulging eyes on the screen, showing various emotions as Astro communicates with anyone in the house. As Astro walks around, Astro may display various messages on the screen, including things like “live view” when broadcasting or detecting a potential intruder in your home.

A range of cameras and sensors can be found throughout Astro, enabling everything from video calling on the big screen to intelligent planning and navigation thanks to the SLAM (Synchronous Location and Mapping) algorithm that Amazon developed for the product. The best robotic vacuum cleaners use SLAM for navigation, but Amazon's app with its own chip lets Astro learn about its surroundings and navigate it. 

Technical Details

When Astro needs a better view of the room, he can expand the periscope camera behind the monitor. It can be used to allow remote viewing of any part of your home or simply to get a better angle for your video calls.

Astro is compatible with Amazon Alexa actions and can be programmed to meet your everyday needs. Astro also supports features like Do Not Disturb, Off-Border Zones, and more.

Amazon Astro can be pre-ordered through Amazon's Day 1 program for $999 and ships later this year. Astro's regular price is $1,449.99, so if you're interested, it makes sense to sign up to get it right away.

Source: Amazon

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