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Telegram announces its plan to monetize the app, ads and premium features

Source: Telegram 

If you are a very active user of Telegram, surely you have wondered more than once how Telegram monetizes the service. To date, the app is free and you can use Telegram in a browser and multiple platforms simultaneously, without spending a single rupee.

The "Telegram monetization" will arrive in 2021

If you are not a Telegram user, surely you do not know that it is the messaging application that is imposed as a real alternative to WhatsApp; although obviously with many more functions, privacy, and flexibility. In fact, Telegram even becomes a work tool. In this house, there is no other tool to manage daily writing work.

Telegram is approaching 500 million active users, a figure that plans challenges for the maintenance of the messaging service.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov shares his plans for the future of the service from 2021.   

The growth that the application has experienced leads to an increase in the cost of servers and traffic. During this time, Durov himself has been in charge of covering the expenses with his personal savings, but it is a measure that cannot be extended over...

With its current growth, Telegram is on track to reach billions of users and require adequate funding," As per Durov Community Post, indicating that, "when a technology project reaches this scale, There are generally two options: "start making money to cover costs or sell the company."

Durov has assured that they will not sell the company "as the founders of WhatsApp did." But he has reported that Telegram will begin to have income next year, in a non-intrusive way that most ...

When you think about this, one quickly comes to the conclusion that all this cannot be sustainable in the long term. And indeed it seems that way. To date, everything had been financed by the savings of Pavel Durov, the CEO and founder of the companyBut it was on December 23rd, 2020 when they announced their plans to monetize the application and the service in general.

Pavel Durov also shares his monetization plans on Twitter.

But going back to the payment alternative. If you are already a quiet active user, Durov's plans are simple and I summarize them in 3 points.

  • Everything that is free today will continue to be so.
  • Only new business options will be monetized.
  • Ads will be added that respect privacy, only on channels that exceed a certain number of members.

Telegram has confirmed that the ads will not reach groups or private chats. In addition, they will share the benefits with the community, for example, the channel owners will receive a part (which they have not defined at the moment); there will also, be an option to monetize stickers.

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