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How to make video calls from WhatsApp Web through your computer

Source: www.whatsapp.com

Since WhatsApp included one of the most interesting functions in its desktop version, the question does not stop repeating itself: how do you make WhatsApp video calls on your computer? Well, it is very simple, but first, you should know a couple of things.

WhatsApp video calls on your computer cannot be made using the browser version, WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp already allows you to make video calls through your computer.

For a few years, WhatsApp has had a web version, known as WhatsApp Web, in which we can access our messages and conversations through a browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. And it also has a desktop version, which allows you to open WhatsApp as an independent application.

However, these platforms usually take a while to implement some of the new features that land in the application for Android and iOS first, which is where we first see all the news that comes to the application.

WhatsApp is beginning to activate this option for some users of the beta version, and will soon reach the rest of the users. And, as has been seen, the process is very simple. Although there are several options

How to make WhatsApp video calls from your computer

Making WhatsApp video calls on your computer are just as simple as in the mobile application. You only have to:

  • Download the free WhatsApp client from its official website and log in, or Log in to WhatsApp Web.
  • Open a conversation with the user you want to call.
  • Click on the Video Call icon located at the top right

Once you do this, the video call will begin. If the browser informs you that WhatsApp Web is asking for permission to access your camera, you must accept, because if not, your contacts will not be able to see you while the call is being made.

With this new option, WhatsApp joins other options that exist right now to make free video calls from the computer, and in times like the ones we have lived in when there is no choice but to be seen through a screen, it is very comfortable.

This is another step in the development of WhatsApp, which year after year struggles to stay on the podium of messaging applications, where it has a tough rival in Telegram, which is also capable of offering us very interesting features.

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