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Amazon Introduces zoox ‘Robotaxi’ with bi-directional driving capabilities

Source: www.zoox.com
After 6 years of development, Jeff Bezos company unveiled the design of its first autonomous electric vehicle, capable of reaching 120 kilometers per hour in both directions, It has more than 100 patented safety innovations, has a capacity for four occupants and its battery advertises a capacity of 133-kilowatt hours.

Amazon acquired the startup Zoox in June 2020, and operates as an independent subsidiary. whose specialty is none other than developing driverless cars, among other things that have to do with artificial intelligence and robotics. Amazon is one of the corporate giants that is pursuing the goal of having a fleet of fully functional autonomous vehicles in the future. 

As a result of this commercial movement comes what can be considered as the first autonomous vehicle of Amazon. It is a robotaxi that, according to its creators, has more than 100 patented technological innovations that have to do with safety. Among them is the provision of specific airbags capable of enveloping the occupants.

s squared design has to do with the fact that it has sought to maximize as much as possible the space available inside, in which there is the capacity for four passengers who sit two by two facing each other.

obviously, the strength of this vehicle is in urban environments, in addition to its small size - its length is 3.63 meters - because it allows very little radius turns. It does this with all-wheel steering, as well as bi-directional driving capabilities.

The motor that powers Amazon's robotaxi is fully electric, and is powered by 133-kilowatt-hour batteries. The exact autonomy data has not been given, but Zoox has confirmed that it can operate for 16 hours a day with just one charge.

To move this vehicle uses a single sensor architecture of cameras, radar, and Lidar, which results in a 270-degree field of view that allows eliminating any blind spot. This system works constantly to analyze the perimeter around it at all times in order to locate other road users, pedestrians included.

Robotaxi: All-Electric and Built for Riders, Not Drivers—This is Zoox

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