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5 tips for buying a web domain in 2021

 If you are thinking of having your own website and you are about to buy a new domain, take a look at these tips that we give you, they will surely help you.  

First, what is a web domain? 

The web domain is the address of your website on the internet. Or put another way, it is the equivalent of your postal address on the internet.  

At a technical level, the function of a domain is to connect IP addresses with servers, in order to display the hosted content, in this case a website.  

At the usability level, the domain's function is to humanize the network. It is easier for the user to write www.alltricksworld.in than to write an IP address, full of numbers and dots, which would also be very difficult to remember for anyone. 

Now that we know what a domain is and what its function is, we are going to see what aspects we must take into consideration before purchasing any domain.  

5 things you should know before buying a web domain  

1. Keep it memorable and short 

Try to make the name you choose easy to remember and, if possible, keep it as short as possible. Avoid words that are difficult to pronounce and remember. For this, keep your audience in mind while choosing any domain name.  

If your audience is foreign, beware of strange words or characters that do not exist in their language.  

A good test is to spell your domain out loud so you can see what it sounds like and if there are any major conflicts.  

2. Use the same name for everything 

One of the most common mistakes is using different names on all platforms.  

If your business name is Hotel ABC, then “Hotel ABC” must be the name of your all social networks, sales platforms, and web domain.  

What if it is already taken? 

It is best to find other Domains for the name, for example, "Hotel ABC", "the house ABC", "The ABC Hotel" and follow the same recommendation: put the same name on all platforms.  

Why is it so important?  

Well, the main reason is to be found. Many customers preferred to search hotels Booking on TripAdvisor, MakeMyTrip, and other platforms, and when they find an accommodation that they like, they go to Google, Bing and search its website.  

Imagine that in booking your hotel name is “ABC” and in your domain, you have taken, the name of hotel is “XYZ” customer will never know that both are the same place.  

3. Check availability before buying 

Make a small list of the domains you would like to buy and then check the availability of the Domain.  

There are several web pages to check the availability of a domain on the internet, but we recommend GoDaddy.com (not sponsored). 

You enter the name you give it to search and the extensions in which the domain is available appeared. You need to ensure the name is also available on social networks. 

4. Domain and hosting in the same provider 

Although it is not mandatory, we recommend that you will take hosting and the domain with the same provider.  

It is more for comfort than technical aspects. Having everything centralized in one place is easier to manage than having it distributed in different providers.   

In this case, we recommend GoDaddy.com, hostgator.com because of their customer and technical services.  

5. Be careful with the domain extension 

Finally, it is important that you prioritize the purchase of a domain with a .com extension, especially if your clients are international.  

If you find the extension for your country is available, try to take it. In the case of India, it would be the .in 

Avoid "rare" or secondary domains, unless you really understand the requirement. 

And these are the basics you should know before buying a domain. We hope it helps you and clarifies your ideas if I missed anything please feel free to comment below. 

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