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Sunday, September 10, 2017

New features of iPhone7 / 7 Plus

The Apple Autumn Festival, which was dubbed the annual Apple "Spring Festival Evening", was held at about 1 am Beijing time on September 8 at the Belgian St. Bill Graham City Hall. In addition to the release of more advanced sports trackers and waterproof features of the wearable device Apple Watch series 2, the finale of the iPhone 7/7 Plus is also looking forward to reveal the real beauty of Lushan. This time for everyone to inventory the new iPhone7 / 7 Plus new features!

Five-color appearance, capacity doubled

The iPhone7 / 7Plus retains the classic silver, gold and rose gold, but also adds a fine matte texture to the black, and the deep shining bright black. The new through the nine precision processes containing anodizing and polishing process to achieve glossy shine appearance, in order to achieve aluminum and glass seamless, the naked eye is more difficult to identify the border. But bright black color only provides 128GB and 256GB two versions, other colors new version of the iPhone are provided 32GB starting memory capacity version.

Add camera, telephoto shot

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus also follow the iPhone 6s 1334 x 750 pixel resolution, 326 ppi and iPhone 6 Plus 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, 401 ppi parameters. Last year's release of the iPhone 6s sensor pixel has been raised to 12 million pixels.

iPhone 7 Plus dual camera

  • But the new version of iPhone 7 Plus beyond the first generation is:
  • Bid farewell to five mirror lens, upgrade six mirror lens
  • True Tone flash upgrade to 4-LED True Tone flash
  • Front camera from 500 million pixels to upgrade to 7 million
  • With a dual camera, in addition to conventional wide-angle camera, but also added telephoto camera
  • The lens aperture is upgraded to ƒ / 1.8 and ƒ / 2.8, providing up to 50%
  • Support 2x optical zoom, digital zoom up to 10x zoom and 6x zoom video capture

Quad-core processor to improve efficiency

The iPhone7 / 7 Plus is equipped with a new architecture A10 Fusion chip, the first use of the new four-core design, respectively, by the two high-performance core and two energy-efficient core components. The fourth generation of new processors to greatly improve the processing speed, the maximum processor speed can be achieved up to 2 times the iPhone 6, graphics processing speed up to 3 times the iPhone 6.

Resolution increase, brilliant display

The iPhone7 / 7 Plus follows the previous generation of Retina HD displays and bid farewell to the previous full sRGB standard, but to a wide gamut display (P3), a 25% increase in display brightness, providing a wider gamut, Perfect coverage of two color gamut: DCI-P3 and Rec.709, and two standard color gamut automatically switch to ensure excellent color accuracy, it is said to achieve the film-level color level to enrich the imaging results. With a 12 million pixel wide-angle and telephoto lens, you can watch Live Photos screen people immersive.

Headset new revolution, waterproof and dustproof

The new version of iPhone 7 abandoned the 3.5mm headphone jack and introduced the AirPod wireless headset, using the Lightning digital audio interface, comes with the converter and Earpods headphones. And the first public reference to support the waterproof function, can achieve IP67 level waterproof and dustproof, although still can not reach the Apple Watch waterproof, but still can be used in the rain or shower for some time. While Samsung's new product Galaxy Note7 supports IP68-level waterproofing, underwater can persist for 30 minutes compared to slightly less, but this is also Apple's attempt to take a new step in the field.

This is the current issue for everyone to share the iPhone 7/7 Plus new dry material. We can refer to the above content, weigh whether it is necessary to start the new version of iPhone.

Apple IPhone 7 Price In India

Apple iPhone 7 Price starts at Rs. 43,660. The lowest price of Apple iPhone 7 is at TataCLiQ, which is 12% less than the cost of iPhone 7 at Croma (Rs. 49499). This phone is available in 32 GB, 128 GB, 256GB storage variants.


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Launch Samsung Galaxy S5, 16-megapixel camera phone in the 'Heart - Rate' sensor also

Samsung Galaxy S5 and gear fit
Samsung Galaxy S5 and gear fit

Samsung has launched its new smartphone Galaxy S5 . The phone ' Heart - rate " as well as the camera sensor is also very impressive . The size of the phone is also quite large .
Size of Samsung 's smartphones Their USP ( Ultra Selling Point ) is . In 2010, 4 inches ( 10.2 cm ) screen with a Samsung Galaxy S came . Access to the large screen of the iPhone 2012 was found .
S5 screen of 5.1 inches ( 13 centimeters ) of . Also the phone's screen according to external conditions may Adapt themselves . The camera has 16 megapixel S5 , S5 also quite fast auto focus camera . Photos of the foreground and background blur while you can .
At the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona , Spain wireless phone launched by Samsung Electronics Company . The phone is coming to market from April 11 . Although the company has not yet revealed its price .
Heart during fitness activity - rate sensor can be used . Samsung S5 with the fitness band gear fit " was launched . These will be available from April 11 in the market . S5 With all these features will also be water resistant .

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Apple iPhone 6 Specs, Price, Features, Release Date Out

Apple fans are waiting to see the Apple’s new device, while according to rumors Apple will launch its next iPhone (iPhone 6) with 3D technology.

Specification or Features of iPhone 6 :


The iPhone 6 will be launched with 4.8 Retina+ Sharp IGZO display with 1080 HD resolution, according to rumors.


Apple bought camera sensor from Sony before suggesting that the new iPhone includes 3.2 megapixel face HD camera and 13 megapixel 3D rear camera.


According to rumors, Apple will bring A7 quad-core processor instead of current processor, dual core A6, which is being run on iPhone 5 and in iPad 4.

iPhone 6 eye Tracking:

Apple will deliver some eye tracking motion technology in its next iPhone which allows the users to use the device without touch.

Wi-Fi connectivity:    

Apple iPhone 6 may have 802,11ac wi-fi connectivity.

Wireless Charging:

Apple will probably introduce the wireless charger which would is built to charge multiple devices simultaneously.

iPhone home button:

Apple has a giant Retina+ IGZO display and a “new form factor with no home button, according to Business Insider.

Operating System:

Apple’ next iPhone will run on iOS 7 while iPhone 5 and iPad 4 is still running on iOS 6.


Apple has already launch 128 GB storage capacity version of iPad. So we could see a  iPhone with same storage capacity.  

Release date:

As far as the release of Apple’s new iPhone 6 is concerned, it is expected to come in the autumn this year.

The features above show Apple is ready to take the challenge of Android devices like Samsung Galaxy S4. But the question is: are they enough to counter high-end Android Devices or not?

Sunday, November 18, 2012

| Mobile Review | Windows Phone 8 users report random reboots and battery issue

htc 8x, lumia 920, stock

Windows Phone 8 devices have been available since the beginning of the month and users are starting to report early issues across HTC and Nokia handsets. In a thread over at WPCentral with 143 replies, a variety of HTC 8X users report that handsets randomly reboot while in use. A thread on Microsoft's own support forums has also gained 50 replies complaining about the issues. The Verge can confirm that an 8X we are testing has rebooted on more than one occasion.
Nokia Lumia 920 users are also reporting random reboots and freezes, with some complaining of poor battery life too. In a thread on Nokia's support forums, a number of users appear to be complaining of lock ups and resets with the Lumia 920. Battery life issues have led to some users wiping their devices in hope of a quick fix, unfortunately that seems to have resulted in some devices left stuck on a Nokia splash screen. In our own experience with several Windows Phone 8 devices, we've found that disabling the tap + send (NFC) feature results in improved battery life. We have reached out to Microsoft, HTC, and Nokia to discuss the issues and we'll update you accordingly.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Ace Duos GSM-only smartphone launches in india Rs 13,490

Samsung  announced Galaxy Ace Duos GSM-only smartphone launches @ Rs 13,490

Samsung has announced new GALAXY Ace DUOS GSM-only version of, a phone in the Galaxy series with Dual GSM SIM support. Samsung already announced a phone with a similar name in February and is GSM+CDMA version is already on sale in India for Rs 13,490 approximately, but this one comes with GSM support on both the SIM cards.

 Samsung GALAXY Ace DUOS Specifications:-

 * 3.5" HVGA (320x480) TFT-LCD
* Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
* 832MHz processor
* 5MP camera with autofocus
* Wi-Fi 802.11, 
* USB 2.0
* 512MB (RAM), microSD slot (up to 32GB)
* 1,300 mAh battery
* 3G HSDPA 7.2 Mbps
* Bluetooth 3.0
* 3GB internal memory
* 3.5 mm audio jack, FM Radio with RD 

 The Samsung GALAXY Ace DUOS would be available from June frist week starting in Russia and gradually rolled out to Europe, CIS, Latin America,Asia, Middle East, Africa, China Southeast and Southwest. 

Samsung’s unique Dual SIM always on feature automatically forwards calls from the phone number on SIM 2, even if a user is on the phone with SIM 1’s number. It also comes with ChatON, Samsung’s communication service.

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