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Friday, February 28, 2014

How to add Facebook POP OUT Widget for Blogger

Add Facebook Pop up Box Widget in your Blogger using Advance jquery, it's Widget help to increasing your like & Tariff when new visitor arrive in your blog. This plugin also work with
Blogging Topest  platform like Blogger or Wordpress. this popup appears only once to every new visitor Arrive, here we use advance jquery because when new visitor visit your blog when Visitor browser save his IP address in form for Cookies when visitor reload her page and also visit again in your blog & site, her ip address of the visitor is stored in browser cookie and as the page loads again the widget wont be called again for the same visitor thus eliminating the chances of bugging regular readers. Because of course it will look weird if the popup appears again and again on every pageview. this feature make Advance this facebook pop out Widget & it's also one of the topest way for increasing your Facebook Like & Blog Tariff using Facbook, now i introduce how to get this widget in your blogger platform.

Final Look of Your Pop up Box

Facebook POP OUT Widget for Blogger
 Facebook POP OUT Widget for Blogger

Who make advance this Widget

(1). It's work With all the Browser
(2). Cool & attractive Design  
(3). Load faster Compare to other Blogger Widget 
(4). Not Effect to your Site Speed 
(5). POP-UP With LightBox Effect 
(6). Work With All The blogging Platform

How to install in blogger platform:

(1). Go to- and Login your Account
(2). Open Your Blog where you Get This Widget.
(3). Go to under the Option Layout
(4). & Click to +Add a Gadget Option
(5). Now Scroll To "HTML-JAVASCRIPT"
(6). Click "+" Icon To Add It
(7). Now Copy The Below Code And Paste It To There.
(8). Leave The Title Empty.
(9). Click Save, Now You Are Done.

Click "View Raw" for copying the Below code

Pop out Box Code:


1.) Replace AllTricksWorld With Your Facebook Username.
2.) It Will Not POP Up Again And Again On Every Reload Or Every Pages. To Review The Widget Just Delete Your Browser Cookies And Refresh The Page To See It Appearing Again.
3.) If You Want To Appear This Widget On Every Reload Of Your Visitor On Every Page, Just Change true To false
4.) This Widget Will Again POPUP On Your Viewer Desktop After 30 Day If He Is Clearing His Browser Cookies, If You Want To Minimize This Time, Just Change*30 From The Above Code To Your Desire Day With 30.
5.) You Can Also Change The Text In Receive all updates via Facebook. Just Click the Like Button Below....
6.) Save And Done..


NOTE- Please Don't Edit this Code Other Wise It's stop Working in few days

Facebook POP UP Widget
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Auto Publish Blog Post to Facebook

RSS Graffiti a Very Populer Facebook Apps For Publishing Your RSS feed & Twitter update directly to facebbok Profile and Page's and Groups, Upto 100,000 and Then ure are Already use this apps for publishing her contant Like-Photo,Aticle, Any think else to facebook With out the Wasting our Vluable Time, so Today I desided  To Tech About- How To post Automatically My Blog Post To My Facebook Profile, Group's, Page's using A RSS and Atom Feed's, I know getting a more blog Traffic have a really very complicated task, every Blogger have a Dream to Getting a More and more Traffic to our Blog, so i'm here to tech you how to get a cloud  traffic for any blog,


I Know more then 100 method for getting a bold traffic to your blog using social media like facebook, twitter, you tube & also other many famous site, but Today i tech You one of them
How Published Automatically My Blog Post To Facebook Using RSS Feed

we make sure This Apps Only Published your Blog Post to only your Own Group's Page's and Profile (not any other)

Follow these some easy Step's to set up RSS Graffiti 2.0 In your Account-

(1). Go to & loging With Your exiting Account

(2). After Login Click here to Go-

(3).  and click to "Go to App"  -After click "Go to App" you Show Rss Graffiti premission ilog, 
it's Show Simlier to below screen Shot image

(3). and you Click to Allow Button, after click to Directly Go to your My Publishing Panel 

(4). Click To Add New Publishing Plan after enter your Publishing Plan name and click to create My Publishing Plan 

(5). Follow Steeps According to Below image and Start Your Automatic Publishing

(6). The final step is making sure publishing is enabled by clicking on the button in the center of the publishing plan. If your plan is enabled, this button will turn green and RSS Graffiti will begin checking the feeds shortly.

Note- That’s it! Please note that even when checking feeds on the fastest setting, it will still take a few minutes for publishing to begin. 

NOTE-Please Subscribe updated When We Send All The Update Directly To Your Inbox

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

How to Increase Likes on Facebook Page

Facebook a top social marketing and social networking site throughout the world.Each and every person has facebook account now-a-days.Facebook has 1.11 Billion active users according to the survey till March 2013.Thus, Facebook is raising its usage by the people in each and every country day to day.Some millions of people use this site in single second. 
Facebook has many features and options which give good entertainment for public and promotion for business persons and many other's through Facebook Pages and Groups and Applications.
each and every person who has a Facebook account can access Facebook as well as use its whole fully fledged features.No authentication and approval  is needed to promote your business through Facebook.

Main Ways to Promote Your business through Facebook are:

  • Facebook Fan Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Applications.

    Facebook Fan Pages: 

    Facebook Fan page which is normally called Facebook Page is the page which is used by many of the top business fields to promote there business.
    Some maintain FB page for time pass and entertainment where some use them to promote there business.This Facebook pages are playing nominal role in promotion of online business sites.

    The some top online business sites which built up there carrier with the help of Facebook Page are,,,,,, and many other sites...
    As, we are now dealing with how to Get Facebook fan page Likes i will not go to the points Facebook Groups and Facebook Applications.

    So, weather you use facebook page for entertainment or for promoting, the aim of you will be to get more likes to your page... i am i right ? Yes, i am right all loves to see there page getting more Likes.
    Its not that much simple to get likes in huge bulks to your facebook fan page. But i will make it simple for you with my simple killer tips.

    Tips To Increase Facebook Fan Page Likes: 

    Here i give you some killer Tips through which you can improve your facebook page likes. The tips are..

    Send Friend Invitations:

    invite-your-friendsSend Invitations to your total friends who are in your friend list and ask them to like your page if they like the content of the page and theme of it.

    Never force them to like because a better Page is the one which not only have too much likes on it but should have likes and good equal response by the likers on its posts.
    So, making them like forcibly may increase like on your page but is no way helpful to build a better page.So the willingness to like the page by seeing the content of the page is more important for an admin of the page.
    Hence ask those of your friends to like your page who likes your page content.Thus, ask them to share your page and ask them to invite their friends to like your page.

    Post Regularly:

    Post some posts which will attract the people or your fans which makes them like and share the posts of your page.Post minimum of 5 posts per day so as to get more likes fastly to your page.
    Post the content which is related to your Title of the Page.Posting unrelated posts may disappoint the fans and may you loose your reputation in eyes of your fans.

    Comment on Other Pages:

    Commenting on other pages may help you to built likes to your page to some extent.
    Comment on the pages which are same as your page i.e.., which relates your page content and title and which have more likes than 10k+ through your page.This helps the readers of that page to get diverge to your page.

    Sharing Your Page on Other Pages: 

    If you found a page as same content and relative title of your page and has more likes on it,then do try to ask that page admin to share your page on there page by messaging them.Point to keep in mind is don't make your page shared at many pages try naturally with some pages which are of equivalent content as Sharing your page on many pages and many times will lead your page to disappear from Facebook by being banned.

    This above Tips are more than enough for an admin to make his page achieve more likes.


    Tagging is the main part of every page to increase the page likes rapidly.
    Tag your friends on your page posts(images) which will make your post reach many people and they like your page.

    Main Thing To Be Avoided By an Admin:

    Many of them try to increase there page using websites which gives you like for like option i.e.., if you like one persons page than one person will like your page.This is waste of time as far as i concern because the persons who like our posts will be having the fake facebook i.d and this is no way going to help you for success of your page.

    One more thing is there are some groups in facebook itself which provide you the option of S4S i.e.., Share for Share this groups will have admins of many pages and each and every admin ask you to share his page on your page and will in-turn share your page on his page.But facebook is very strict now in this kind of activities, it is banning such kind of groups and also pages involving in it.As I already told only share your page which contains your equivalent content and that too not more times in a day.So, getting likes through such groups will make your page banned for lifetime the best example is myself my page names Student Life Is Nothing But Fun was been banned due to such activities its not available now.Thus, Avoid S4S.

    Thanks for reading,if you have further doubt or queries feel free to comment below...
    - See more at: 

    Thursday, December 20, 2012

    New Emotion Chat For Facebook (Updated 2013)

    Hello friends i'm very happy to inform you, I'll provided you a these awesome code for facebook chat, it's work on your simply facebook chat box. and also impress your friends with this new type of facebook Emotional, for use this emotional copy the code and paste on your friends chat box,

    ›››Just Copy the Following codes into Your chat.

     Enjoy this Emotional chat and When you have face any Error during this code please comment below..

    1. Superman
    [[299528860107644]] [[299528863440977]] [[299528866774310]] [[299528856774311]] 
    [[299528870107643]] [[299528950107635]] [[299528943440969]] [[299528946774302]] 
    [[299528953440968]] [[299528956774301]] [[299529013440962]] [[299529016774295]] 
    [[299529010107629]] [[299529003440963]] [[299529006774296]] [[299529060107624]] 
    [[299529063440957]] [[299529066774290]] [[299529070107623]] [[299529073440956]] 
    [[299529173440946]] [[299529183440945]] [[299529180107612]] [[299529176774279]] 
    [[299529186774278]] [[299529243440939]] [[299529236774273]] [[299529240107606]] 

    2. Jack Sparrow
    [[298356520217565]] [[298356516884232]] [[298356506884233]] [[298356510217566]] 
    [[298356513550899]] [[298356620217555]] [[298356606884223]] [[298356616884222]] 
    [[298356610217556]] [[298356613550889]] [[298356673550883]] [[298356676884216]] 
    [[298356666884217]] [[298356680217549]] [[298356670217550]] [[298356740217543]] 
    [[298356733550877]] [[298356743550876]] [[298356730217544]] [[298356736884210]] 
    [[298356823550868]] [[298356810217536]] [[298356820217535]] [[298356826884201]] 
    [[298356813550869]] [[298356906884193]] [[298356896884194]] [[298356900217527]] 
    [[298356903550860]] [[298356893550861]] [[298356950217522]] [[298356946884189]] 

    [[255006724575192]] [[255006727908525]] [[255006737908524]] [[255006734575191]] [[255006731241858]] 
    [[255006827908515]] [[255006831241848]] [[255006824575182]] [[255006817908516]] [[255006821241849]] 
    [[255006874575177]] [[255006871241844]] [[255006884575176]] [[255006877908510]] [[255006881241843]] 
    [[255006934575171]] [[255006931241838]] [[255006941241837]] [[255006944575170]] [[255006937908504]] 
    [[255007004575164]] [[255007001241831]] [[255006994575165]] [[255006997908498]] [[255006991241832]] 
    [[255007084575156]] [[255007101241821]] [[255007077908490]] [[255007091241822]] [[255007081241823]]  

    4. Elmo
    [[302117289844540]] [[302117283177874]] [[302117276511208]] [[302117279844541]] [[302117286511207]] [[302117366511199]] 
    [[302117369844532]] [[302117373177865]] [[302117383177864]] [[302117379844531]] [[302117426511193]] [[302117436511192]] 
    [[302117429844526]] [[302117423177860]] [[302117433177859]] [[302117523177850]] [[302117529844516]] [[302117526511183]] 
    [[302117536511182]] [[302117533177849]] [[302117606511175]] [[302117596511176]] [[302117599844509]] [[302117593177843]] 
    [[302117603177842]] [[302117646511171]] [[302117649844504]] [[302117659844503]] [[302117656511170]] [[302117653177837]] 
    [[302117706511165]] [[302117703177832]] [[302117699844499]] [[302117709844498]] [[302117696511166]] [[302117749844494]] 

    5. Troll face
    [[242538225822042]] [[242538222488709]] [[242538232488708]] [[242538219155376]] [[242538229155375]] [[242538339155364]] 
    [[242538335822031]] [[242538342488697]] [[242538345822030]] [[242538349155363]] [[242538392488692]] [[242538395822025]] 
    [[242538399155358]] [[242538402488691]] [[242538405822024]] [[242538475822017]] [[242538472488684]] [[242538489155349]] 
    [[242538492488682]] [[242538485822016]] [[242538562488675]] [[242538565822008]] [[242538569155341]] [[242538575822007]] 
    [[242538572488674]] [[242538612488670]] [[242538625822002]] [[242538619155336]] [[242538622488669]] [[242538615822003]] 
    [[242538675821997]] [[242538682488663]] [[242538672488664]] [[242538679155330]] [[242538685821996]] [[242538742488657]] 

    6. Mr. Bean

    [[255016264574238]] [[255016271240904]] [[255016277907570]] 
    [[255016267907571]] [[255016274574237]] [[255016384574226]] 
    [[255016387907559]] [[255016394574225]] [[255016401240891]] 
    [[255016391240892]] [[255016464574218]] [[255016454574219]] 
    [[255016457907552]] [[255016461240885]] [[255016451240886]] 
    [[255016537907544]] [[255016531240878]] [[255016534574211]] 
    [[255016541240877]] [[255016527907545]] [[255016634574201]]

    7.Pink Panther

    [[322450847786845]] [[322450881120175]] [[322450897786840]] 
    [[322450911120172]] [[322450941120169]] [[322450981120165]]
    [[322451004453496]] [[322451014453495]] [[322451041120159]] 

    8. Big Pink Panther

    [[378559652167731]] [[378559662167730]] [[378559655501064]] [[378559648834398]] [[378559658834397]] [[378559768834386]] 
    [[378559772167719]] [[378559778834385]] [[378559775501052]] [[378559782167718]] [[378559865501043]] [[378559875501042]] 
    [[378559868834376]] [[378559872167709]] [[378559878834375]] [[378559942167702]] [[378559945501035]] [[378559948834368]] 
    [[378559955501034]] [[378559952167701]] [[378560068834356]] [[378560072167689]] [[378560075501022]] [[378560065501023]] 
    [[378560078834355]] [[378560162167680]] [[378560168834346]] [[378560155501014]] [[378560165501013]] [[378560158834347]]




    [[404783422885605]] [[404783429552271]] [[404783432885604]] [[404783426218938]] [[404783436218937]] [[404783549552259]] 
    [[404783552885592]] [[404783546218926]] [[404783539552260]] [[404783542885593]] [[404783622885585]] [[404783629552251]] 
    [[404783619552252]] [[404783626218918]] [[404783632885584]] [[404783699552244]] [[404783712885576]] [[404783702885577]] 
    [[404783706218910]] [[404783716218909]] [[404783792885568]] [[404783802885567]] [[404783796218901]] [[404783799552234]] 
    [[404783789552235]] [[404783879552226]] [[404783866218894]] [[404783876218893]] [[404783872885560]] [[404783869552227]] 


    [[238082442960239]] [[238082452960238]] [[238082446293572]] [[238082456293571]] [[238082449626905]] 
    [[238082576293559]] [[238082569626893]] [[238082566293560]] [[238082579626892]] [[238082572960226]] 
    [[238082656293551]] [[238082646293552]] [[238082652960218]] [[238082649626885]] [[238082642960219]] 
    [[238082732960210]] [[238082722960211]] [[238082729626877]] [[238082726293544]] [[238082719626878]] 
    [[238082836293533]] [[238082839626866]] [[238082842960199]] [[238082832960200]] [[238082829626867]] 
    [[238082912960192]] [[238082919626858]] [[238082909626859]] [[238082922960191]] [[238082916293525]] 
    [[238083002960183]] [[238082989626851]] [[238082999626850]] [[238082996293517]] [[238082992960184]] 


    [[238090002959483]] [[238089999626150]] [[238090009626149]] [[238090012959482]] [[238090006292816]] [[238090106292806]] 
    [[238090116292805]] [[238090112959472]] [[238090109626139]] [[238090119626138]] [[238090196292797]] [[238090182959465]] 
    [[238090186292798]] [[238090189626131]] [[238090192959464]] [[238090266292790]] [[238090262959457]] [[238090276292789]] 
    [[238090272959456]] [[238090269626123]] [[238090352959448]] [[238090346292782]] [[238090356292781]] [[238090349626115]] 
    [[238090342959449]] [[238090446292772]] [[238090449626105]] [[238090452959438]] [[238090456292771]] [[238090442959439]] 

    [[263950280369012]] [[263950277035679]] [[263950273702346]] [[263950270369013]] [[263950283702345]] 
    [[263950383702335]] [[263950393702334]] [[263950390369001]] [[263950387035668]] [[263950397035667]] 
    [[263950477035659]] [[263950480368992]] [[263950473702326]] [[263950467035660]] [[263950470368993]] 
    [[263950560368984]] [[263950567035650]] [[263950573702316]] [[263950563702317]] [[263950570368983]] 
    [[263950673702306]] [[263950657035641]] [[263950660368974]] [[263950677035639]] [[263950663702307]] 


    [[298506556897944]] [[298506550231278]] [[298506536897946]] [[298506540231279]] [[298506553564611]] [[298506766897923]] 
    [[298506776897922]] [[298506770231256]] [[298506763564590]] [[298506773564589]] [[298506846897915]] [[298506860231247]] 
    [[298506853564581]] [[298506856897914]] [[298506850231248]] [[298506926897907]] [[298506940231239]] [[298506936897906]] 
    [[298506933564573]] [[298506930231240]] [[298507020231231]] [[298507016897898]] [[298507006897899]] [[298507010231232]] 
    [[298507013564565]] [[298507123564554]] [[298507126897887]] [[298507116897888]] [[298507113564555]] [[298507120231221]] 


    [[379218912124721]] [[379218922124720]] [[379218918791387]] [[379218908791388]] [[379218915458054]] 
    [[379219018791377]] [[379219025458043]] [[379219028791376]] [[379219032124709]] [[379219022124710]] 
    [[379219118791367]] [[379219125458033]] [[379219112124701]] [[379219122124700]] [[379219115458034]] 
    [[379219205458025]] [[379219198791359]] [[379219192124693]] [[379219202124692]] [[379219195458026]] 
    [[379219275458018]] [[379219285458017]] [[379219288791350]] [[379219282124684]] [[379219278791351]] 


    [[310075162401681]] [[310075159068348]] [[310075172401680]] [[310075152401682]] [[310075165735014]] [[310075275735003]] 
    [[310075282401669]] [[310075279068336]] [[310075269068337]] [[310075272401670]] [[310075359068328]] [[310075349068329]] 
    [[310075352401662]] [[310075345734996]] [[310075355734995]] [[310075439068320]] [[310075432401654]] [[310075442401653]] 
    [[310075435734987]] [[310075445734986]] [[310075515734979]] [[310075522401645]] [[310075525734978]] [[310075529068311]] 
    [[310075519068312]] [[310075592401638]] [[310075585734972]] [[310075582401639]] [[310075589068305]] [[310075595734971]] 


    [[379220088791270]] [[379220102124602]] [[379220092124603]] [[379220098791269]] [[379220095457936]] 
    [[379220218791257]] [[379220208791258]] [[379220205457925]] [[379220215457924]] [[379220212124591]] 
    [[379220292124583]] [[379220288791250]] [[379220295457916]] [[379220285457917]] [[379220298791249]] 
    [[379220382124574]] [[379220385457907]] [[379220388791240]] [[379220395457906]] [[379220392124573]] 
    [[379220472124565]] [[379220465457899]] [[379220475457898]] [[379220478791231]] [[379220468791232]] 


    [[379220992124513]] [[379220982124514]] [[379220978791181]] [[379220988791180]] 
    [[379220985457847]] [[379221095457836]] [[379221102124502]] [[379221092124503]] 
    [[379221098791169]] [[379221088791170]] [[379221175457828]] [[379221168791162]] 
    [[379221165457829]] [[379221162124496]] [[379221172124495]] [[379221265457819]] 
    [[379221255457820]] [[379221262124486]] [[379221268791152]] [[379221258791153]] 
    [[379223788790900]] [[379223785457567]] [[379223778790901]] [[379223782124234]] 


    [[448214395204839]] [[448214408538171]] [[448214401871505]] [[448214405204838]] [[448214398538172]] [[448214548538157]] 
    [[448214551871490]] [[448214558538156]] [[448214555204823]] [[448214545204824]] [[448214621871483]] [[448214625204816]] 
    [[448214631871482]] [[448214618538150]] [[448214628538149]] [[448214718538140]] [[448214728538139]] [[448214725204806]] 
    [[448214731871472]] [[448214721871473]] [[448214805204798]] [[448214801871465]] [[448214818538130]] [[448214808538131]] 
    [[448214815204797]] [[448214895204789]] [[448214908538121]] [[448214898538122]] [[448214901871455]] [[448214905204788]] 


    Wednesday, July 4, 2012

    Super Cool Facebook New timeline covers For Profile

    I've picked some best banners for facebook timeline. Nowdays facebook banners for profile is popular topic. Below is the collection cool facebook timeline covers.

    Just right click on image and save it and upload to facebook timeline covers and enjoy

    anonymous cool facebook timeline covers

    anonymous cool facebook timeline covers

    kissing earth cool facebook timeline covers

    facebook saying cool facebook timeline covers

    facebook quote background for facebook

    ghost rider cool facebook timeline covers

    Google droid cool facebook timeline covers

    beautiful creative cool facebook timeline covers

    facebook profile its me best timeline covers

    sayings best timeline covers

    computer programmer banners for facebook profile

    jesus cool facebook timeline covers

    bitchy banners for facebook profile

    banners for facebook profile

    messi cool facebook timeline covers

    world cup messi cool facebook timeline covers

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    cool facebook timeline covers

    creative cool facebook timeline covers

    How to Recover My Hacked Facebook Account

    facebook hacked

    Imagine if someone had access to all your private messages and delete your personal information.Dont worry You can regain access to your account. Just follow few steps 

    First of all How Do You Know Your Facebook Account Was Hacked....??

    1. If a hacker managed to get into your account, they will leave a trace. 

    To know this

    Go to -  Account Settings - Security - Active Sessions (click edit). Here you can end the activity of suspicious sessions.

    activity of suspicious sessions

     2. Report Compromised Account

    you can regain control over your hacked Facebook account, tell your friends


    Report suspicious sessions


    3.Remove Suspicious Applications

    Application can also subsequently hijacked your account. To remove suspicious applications, go to > Home > Account Settings > Apps and go through the list. Click the > X next to any application you wish to remove or click > Edit to change what the app can do.

    Remove Suspicious Applications

    You might also lie:

    Friday, May 25, 2012

    Facebook Said - Please Hack Us & Get $500 reward.

    Earlier through Hackers Cup, Facebook has already shown honour to hackers now social networking giant Facebook is directly encouraging hackers to try hacking its security systems to find weaknesses. Those who succeed will receive a reward of US$500 or more and have their name added to a list of helpful hackers.

    The hackers have taken part in Facebook's White Hat program. Anyone who finds a way of breaching the site's networks, and owns up, can earn rewards worth thousands of dollars. As well as money, Facebook promises not to land them in trouble with the police & legal harassment if they have complied with the program's golden rules. Already one British hacker has earned more than $2400 from Facebook, and the most prolific White Hat contributors are now given their own Facebook "bug bounty" credit cards. Facebook's chief security officer, 
    Joe Sullivan, says he would much rather the hackers worked with the company, rather than against it. In time, he hopes the hackers will be able to find legitimate ways of expressing themselves within schools and universities. "There is a real lack of practical academic programs for cyber-security not only in the US but also internationally," he said. "Cyber-security is a skill best learned by doing, and unfortunately many of the current academic programs place little emphasis on real-world practical experience such as that gained in competition or via bug-bounty programs.

    According to Facebook - "If you're a security researcher, please review our responsible disclosure policy before reporting any vulnerabilities. If you give us a reasonable time to respond to your report before making any information public and make a good faith effort to avoid privacy violations, destruction of data and interruption or degradation of our service during your research, we will not bring any lawsuit against you or ask law enforcement to investigate you."

    To qualify for a bounty, you must:
    Adhere to our Responsible Disclosure Policy:
    Be the first person to responsibly disclose the bug
    Report a bug that could compromise the integrity of Facebook user data, or circumvent the privacy protections of Facebook user data, such as:
    Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
    Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF/XSRF)
    Remote Code Injection
    Broken Authentication (including Facebook OAuth bugs)
    Circumvention of our Platform permission model
    A bug that allows the viewing of private user data
    Reside in a country not under any current U.S. Sanctions (e.g., North Korea, Libya, Cuba, etc.)

    A typical bounty is $500 USD
    We may increase the reward for specific bugs
    Only 1 bounty per security bug will be awarded
    The following bugs aren't eligible for a bounty (and we don't recommend testing for these):
    Security bugs in third-party applications (e.g.,[app_name])
    Security bugs in third-party websites that integrate with Facebook
    Security bugs in Facebook's corporate infrastructure
    Denial of Service Vulnerabilities
    Spam or Social Engineering technique

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