Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Launch Samsung Galaxy S5, 16-megapixel camera phone in the 'Heart - Rate' sensor also

Samsung Galaxy S5 and gear fit
Samsung Galaxy S5 and gear fit

Samsung has launched its new smartphone Galaxy S5 . The phone ' Heart - rate " as well as the camera sensor is also very impressive . The size of the phone is also quite large .
Size of Samsung 's smartphones Their USP ( Ultra Selling Point ) is . In 2010, 4 inches ( 10.2 cm ) screen with a Samsung Galaxy S came . Access to the large screen of the iPhone 2012 was found .
S5 screen of 5.1 inches ( 13 centimeters ) of . Also the phone's screen according to external conditions may Adapt themselves . The camera has 16 megapixel S5 , S5 also quite fast auto focus camera . Photos of the foreground and background blur while you can .
At the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona , Spain wireless phone launched by Samsung Electronics Company . The phone is coming to market from April 11 . Although the company has not yet revealed its price .
Heart during fitness activity - rate sensor can be used . Samsung S5 with the fitness band gear fit " was launched . These will be available from April 11 in the market . S5 With all these features will also be water resistant .


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