Sunday, April 22, 2012

How to Fix File Integrity Violated Error In Windows

Are You facing Problem of File Integrity Violated 
While copy and Moving anything in Ur PC ???

while u are copying any file u may get this error "file integrity violated" right


Why this Error appear on my Pc ??

  • This is due to external or additional Fast copying software's like Tera copy n much more (i don't blame Tera copy)
  • But the Fact is that software control the file windows systems of copying.
  • That may be drawn overwrite those system file.
  • OR it is also due to Malware , viruses that affects system files
so be aware of that.


How to Fix file integrity violated Error ???

  • Try this Remove/Reinstall any installed program of Fast copying Software like Tera copy
  • If it that program still not uninstall then use revo uninstaller pro
        then in revo select advanced (while uninstalling )

Revo Download for Free


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