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History of Cell / Mobile phones

History of Cell / Mobile phones:

First generation (1972-1989)
Also called as 1G

This is First generation of Mobile phones which includes wireless technology.

Worlds first mobile phone / handled phone is Motorola DnyaTac invented by Martin cooper in 1973.

This is beginning era of Mobile phones..

Motorola DnyaTac 8000X

Second Generation (1990 - 2000)

Also called as 2G

This was 2nd era of Mobile phones of wireless technology.

In this Generation, GSM and CDMA technology was used for communicating..

This is greatest era for Mobile internet technology, Mobile sms and Voice calls.

In 1991 ,the first GSM network (Radiolinja) launched in Finland..

The first full internet service on mobile phones was introduced by NTT DoCoMo in Japan in 1999.

2.5G = GPRS
2.75 = EDGE

Nokia released first commercial phone (2G GSM) in 10 November 1992

Nokia 1011
after that Nokia 2110 was successor of Nokia 1011 was also released in 1994

Nokia's Successor phone Nokia 3310

Third Generation 3G
(2000-2011 STILL)

This was 3rd generation era
In this era, Video calling and also Fast mobile broadband technology are used as in 3g network
3G networks supports UMTS , HSDPA AND WCDMA technology.

It is adopted in 2001,in europe,china and japan (UMTS)

Nokia launched first 3G phone in 2002
Nokia 6650

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